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How to update the Cloudera VM in 2022? (solved)

In this blog post, I provide instructions about how to update the Cloudera VM, even though the CentOS version used by Cloudera has reached the end-of-life, and the Cloudera VM is no longer updated. I have spent quite a lot … Continue reading

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Upcoming SPMF 2.55 + UDML 2022 + BDA 2022

I have not written on the blog in the past few weeks. This is because I was quite busy and also it was the summer vacation. I had to temporarilly focus on other things. Today, I want to give you … Continue reading

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Turnitin, a smart tool for plagiarism detection?

In this blog post, I will talk about Turnitin, a service used for plagiarism-checking by some journals and conferences in academia. I already wrote a blog post about this, which you can read here: How journal paper similarity checking works? … Continue reading

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Brief report about the SMARTDSC 2022 conference

This week, besides IEA AIE 2022, I am also participating to the SMARTDSC 2022 conference (5th international conference on Smart Technologies in Data Science and Communication) as general co-chair and keynote speaker. I will give a brief report about this … Continue reading

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Brief report about the IEA AIE 2022 conference

This week, I am attending the 35th International Conference on Industrial, Engineering & Other Applications of Applied Intelligent Systems conference (IEA AIE 2022) as a member of the organization committee. I will give a brief report about the conference. What … Continue reading

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Drawings a figure of subgraphs side-by-side with captions in Latex with TIKZ

Today, I will give an example of how to draw a figure containing three subgraphs that appear side by side in Latex using the TIKZ library, and where each subgraph has a caption. This can be useful when writing research … Continue reading

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(videos) Introduction to sequential rule mining + the CMRules algorithm

I have made two new videos to explain interesting topics about pattern mining. The first video is an introduction to sequential rule mining, while the second video explains in more details how the CMRules algorithm for sequential rule mining works! … Continue reading

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(video) Periodic Pattern Mining

Hi all, this is to let you know that I have made another video to explain some interesting pattern mining topics. This time, I will talk about periodic pattern mining. You can watch the video here: (pdf / ppt / video – 34 min)  … Continue reading

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Drawing the Powerset of a Set using Latex and TIKZ (Hasse Diagram)

Today, I will show how to draw the powerset of a set using Latex and TIKZ, to produce some nice figures that can be used in paper written using Latex. The code that is shown below is adapted from code … Continue reading

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A New Tool for Running Performance Comparison of Algorithms in SPMF 2.54

Today, I am happy to announce a cool new feature in SPMF 2.54, which is a tool to automatically run performance experiments to compare several algorithms when a parameter is varied. This is a useful feature to compare algorithms when … Continue reading

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