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UDML 2024 @ PAKDD 2024 (deadline extended)

This is a short blog post to let you know that the deadline for submitting your papers to the UDML 2024 workshop at the PAKDD 2024 conference has been extended to the 7th February. Website: Note that this year, … Continue reading

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Your social network on DBLP as a graph

Today, I discovered an interesting function of DBLP which is to draw your social network as a graph (assuming that you have a DBLP page). To use that feature, it is simple. Open your DBLP webpage, and then click here … Continue reading

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Call for papers: UDML 2024 workshop @ PAKDD 2024

I am glad to announce that the 6th UDML 2024 workshop on Utility-Driven Mining and Learning will be held next year at the PAKDD 2024 conference. IMPORTANT DATES PUBLICATIONS All the accepted papers will be invited for publication in a … Continue reading

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A new survey paper on episode mining!

I am pleased to announce today that my collaborators and I have published a new survey paper about episode mining to give an introduction to this nice and interesting subfield of pattern mining. To our knowledge this is the most … Continue reading

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How to write answers to reviewers for a journal using LaTeX?

Today, I will explain how to write the answer to reviewers for an academic journal using Latex. The advantage of using Latex instead of a software like Microsoft Word to write answers to reviewers is that it allows using all … Continue reading

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TexWorks: How to add a command to change the text color (using a script)

In this blog post, I will show how to add a script (commands) to TexWorks for adding a color to your Latex document. This is easy and can be used also for other types of commands. 1) In TexWorks, go … Continue reading

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KNN Interactive demo in your browser

Today, I want to show you a new interactive demo of the KNN (K-Nearest Neighbors) algorithm that I have added to my website. It is designed to be used for teaching purpose to illustrate how the K-Nearest Neighbors algorithm works. … Continue reading

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K-Means Interactive Demo in your browser

In this blog post, I introduce a new interactive tool for showing a demonstration of the K-Means algorithm for students (for teaching purposes). The K-Means clustering demo tool can be accessed here: The K-Means demo, first let you enter … Continue reading

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Busy times

Hi all, I just write a quick message to say that I did not write on the blog recently due to my very busy schedule recently. However, everything is going well. I will be back on the blog with more … Continue reading

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The MDLM 2023 conference: a scam?

Today, I will talk about the MDLM 2023 conference (International Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining). Several years ago, I have attended MLDM 2016 (report here) because at that time it was published by Springer. But I was unhappy … Continue reading

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