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Brief report about the DASFAA 2022 conference

This week, I am attending the DASFAA 2022 conference, which is held online from the 11th to the 14th April 2022. In this blog post, I will talk about this event, and will update the blog through the conference. DASFAA … Continue reading

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Brief report about the CACML 2022 conference

Today, I have attended the CACML 2022 conference (2022 Asia Conference on Algorithms, Computing and Machine Learning), which was held virtually from Hangzhou, China from March 25 to 27. This is a new conference on a very timely topic of … Continue reading

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A Tool to Generate Reviews of Academic Papers

Writing reviews is important but sometimes repetitive and time-consuming. Hence, today I built a tool to help automatize the process of review writing. You can try it at the website below: The Review Generator ( ) This tool let … Continue reading

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What I learned from being a journal editor for two years?

For over two years, I have worked as associate editor-in-chief for a major journal published by Springer. For this job, I have handled around 500 papers from all the steps of the review process. Recently, I have decided to stop … Continue reading

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Special Session on Data Science for Social and Behavioral Analytics This is to let you know that I co-organize a special session called DSSBA 2022 at the IEEE DSAA 2022 conference, and we need your papers ;-). This special session … Continue reading

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The HUIM-Miner and FHM algorithms (video)

Today, I post one more new video to explain concepts about pattern mining. In the new video, I talk about high utility itemset mining, and explain the HUI-Miner and FHM algorithms. Those are two popular high utility itemset mining algorithms … Continue reading

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The PrefixSpan algorithm (video)

I have posted a new video about pattern mining, explaining the PrefixSpan algorithm. It assumes that you know already what is sequential pattern mining. If you are not familiar with sequential pattern mining, you can first watch my video Introduction … Continue reading

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Some upcoming features of SPMF 2.54

Today, I will reveal some upcoming features of SPMF, which I am currently testing and will be released in the next version (2.54), probably in about 1 week. 1) The first new feature is that it will be possible to … Continue reading

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How to call SPMF from another Java program as an external program?

This is a short blog post where I will explain how to call SPMF as an external program from another Java program to execute an algorithm. Before we start, it should be said that there are multiple ways to use … Continue reading

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New videos about pattern mining

Today, I share with you some new videos that I have recorded about pattern mining. The first videos gives an introduction to some important topics: sequential pattern mining, frequent subgraph mining and high utility itemset mining, while the lastvideo explains … Continue reading

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