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The importance of constraints in data mining

Today, I will discuss an important concept in data mining which is the use of constraints. Data mining is a broad field incorporating many different kind of techniques for discovering unexpected and new knowledge from data. Some main data mining … Continue reading

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How to characterize and compare data mining algorithms?

Hi, today, I will discuss how to compare data mining algorithms.  This is an important question for data mining researchers who want to evaluate which algorithm is “better” in general or for a given situation.  This question is also important … Continue reading

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A Map of Data Mining Algorithms (offered in SPMF v092c)

Hi, I have made a map to visualize the relationship between the 52 different data mining algorithms offered in the SPMF data mining software.  You can view it in PNG format by clicking on the picture below: Or you can … Continue reading

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How to become a good data mining programmer?

In this post, I will discuss what it takes to be a good data mining programmer and how to become one. Data mining is a broad field that can be approached from several angles. Some people with a mathematical background will … Continue reading

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Why it is important to publish source code and datasets for researchers?

Today, I will discuss about why it is important that researchers share their source code and data. As some of you know, I’m working on the design of data mining algorithms. More specifically, I’m working on algorithms for discovering patterns … Continue reading

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