My research is open-source

Since the last decade, I have taken the decision to publish most of the algorithms that I develop in my research, freely, as part of the open-source SPMF data mining software that I have founded. The goal is that anyone can benefit from most of my research work, either from academia and the industry. In particular, I am happy to see that many researchers have used the code and data that I provide in SPMF in their own research projects. As of today, over 1000 research papers from all over the world have applied SPMF in a very wide range of applications ranging from chemistry, music analysis to restaurant recommendation and e-learning. This success is thanks to the users of SPMF and also its several contributors who have provided code.

I believe that publishing research code and data as open-source can be greatly beneficial for young researchers. It can help to make the research more visible and increase the chance that it is used, cited, and thus that it has an impact!

This what just a short blog post for today! By the way, if you are developing Java data mining algorithms, feel free to contact with me for integrating them in SPMF!

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a computer science professor and founder of the SPMF open-source data mining library, which offers more than 170 algorithms for analyzing data, implemented in Java.

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