CFP: The 1st Workshop on Pattern Mining and Machine Learning in Big Complex Database

This is to let you know about the upcoming 1st Workshop on Pattern mining and Machine learning in Big complex Databases (PMDB 2022) workshop that I co-organize at the DASFAA 2022 conference!

PMDB 2022 aims at providing a place for researchers from the fields of machine learning, pattern mining and database to present and exchange ideas about how to adapt and develop techniques to process and analyze big complex data.

The scope of PMDB 2022 encompasses many topics that revolves around database technology, machine learning, data mining and pattern mining. These topics include but are not limited to:

  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning and pattern mining models for analyzing big complex data
  • Database engines for storing and querying big complex data
  • Distributed database systems
  • Data models and query languages
  • Distributed and parallel algorithms
  • Real-time processing of big data
  • Nature-inspired and metaheuristic algorithms
  • Multimedia data, spatial data, biomedical data, and text
  • Unstructured, semi-structured and heterogeneous data
  • Temporal data and streaming data
  • Graph data and multi-view data
  • Uncertain, fuzzy and approximate data
  • Visualization and evaluation of big complex data
  • Predictive models for big complex data
  • Privacy-preservation and security issues for big complex data
  • Explainable models for big complex data
  • Interactive data analysis
  • Open-source software and platforms
  • Applications in domains such as finance, healthcare, e-commerce, sport and social media

The deadline for submiting papers is the 30th November 2021.

All accepted papers of PMDB 2022 will be published in Springer LNCS together with other DASFAA workshops. This will ensure good indexing in DBLP etc.

Hope to see your papers!

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a distinguished professor working in China and founder of the SPMF open source data mining software.

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