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Test your knowledge of sequential rule mining!

Do you know about sequential rule mining? It is a popular task in pattern mining that aims at finding rules in sequences. In this blog post, I will give a list of 8 questions and answers to evaluate your knowledge … Continue reading

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Test your knowledge about sequential pattern mining!

Sequential pattern mining is a data mining technique used to discover frequent sequences or patterns in data. I have prepared a short test of 10 questions to evaluate your knowledge of sequential pattern mining. The test is not very hard. … Continue reading

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How to Detect and Classify Metamorphic Malware with Sequential Pattern Mining (MalSPM)

Malware are malicious software that can harm computers and networks by stealing data, encrypting files, or damaging devices. Malware are a serious threat to cybersecurity, especially when they can change their appearance to evade detection by antivirus software. This is … Continue reading

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The PrefixSpan algorithm (video)

I have posted a new video about pattern mining, explaining the PrefixSpan algorithm. It assumes that you know already what is sequential pattern mining. If you are not familiar with sequential pattern mining, you can first watch my video Introduction … Continue reading

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Key Papers about High Utility Itemset Mining

In this blog post, I will talk about the most important algorithms for high utility itemset mining. I will present a list of algorithms that is of course subjective (according to my opinion). I did not list all the papers of … Continue reading

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