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Papers without code (and the problem of non-reproducible research)

Recently, there has been some debate on the Machine Learning sub-Reddit about the reproducibility or I should say the lack of reproducibility of numerous machine learning papers. Several Reddit users complained that they spent much time (sometimes weeks) to try … Continue reading

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New version of SPMF (2.44): 4 new algorithms, datasets and features

Today, I am happy to announce that a new version of the SPMF open-source data mining software is released (v. 2.44). This is the download page. This new version was made possible due to several contributors. What is new? New … Continue reading

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The SPMF data mining library v.2.40 is released!

Hi all, I am please to announce that a new version of SPMF has just been published (v 2.40). It contains 9 novel algorithms: the HUIM-ABC algorithm for mining high utility itemsets using Artificial Bee Colony Optimization (thanks to Wei Song and Chaoming Huang for contributing the code) … Continue reading

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Analyzing the source code of SPMF (5 years later)

Five years ago, I had analyzed the source code of the SPMF data mining software using an open-source tool called CodeAnalyzer ( http://sourceforge.net/projects/codeanalyze-gpl/ ). This had provided some interesting insights about the structure of the project, especially in terms of lines of codes and code to … Continue reading

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