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An Interactive Demo of The Apriori algorithm

I have created a new website for students that provides an interactive demo of the Apriori algorithm. It allows to run Apriori in your browser and see the results step by step. The website is here: Apriori Algorithm Demo To … Continue reading

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An Online Tool to Draw FP-Trees

This blog post is to introduce a new tool made of HTML5 and JavaScript for drawing FP-trees, which you can access here:¬†https://www.philippe-fournier-viger.com/tools/draw_fptree.php If you are not familiar with FP-trees, the FP-tree is a data structure used in the field of … Continue reading

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What is a Closed Itemset and Why is it Useful?

In this blog post, I will explain in simple terms what is a closed itemset and give some examples. I will also mention a few algorithms that can be used to find closed itemsets and that they can be found … Continue reading

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(video) Rare Itemset Mining

I have uploaded a new 38 minutes video to explain rare itemset mining. This video is like a small course, where you can learn about infrequent itemsets, minimal rare itemsets and perfectly rare itemsets and some algorithms : AprioriInverse and … Continue reading

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Introduction to the Apriori algorithm (with Java code)

This blog post provides an introduction to the Apriori algorithm, a classic data mining algorithm for the problem of frequent itemset mining. Although Apriori was introduced in 1993, more than 20 years ago, Apriori remains one of the most important data mining algorithms, not because it is the fastest, but because it has … Continue reading

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