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Papers without code (and the problem of non-reproducible research)

Recently, there has been some debate on the Machine Learning sub-Reddit about the reproducibility or I should say the lack of reproducibility of numerous machine learning papers. Several Reddit users complained that they spent much time (sometimes weeks) to try … Continue reading

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More problems on IONOS web hosting… 4 days of downtime!

A month ago, I had some big problems with my website hosted by 1and1 ionos. The database was seemingly reverted to three back and I lost all the posts from the last three years! This week, I got more problems … Continue reading

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Big problem on my website on IONOS webhosting!

Hi all, A bad news is that the database of this blog was reverted to 3 years ago due to some technical problem. I have used 1and1 IONOS as hosting service for my websites for the last 10 years, but … Continue reading

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A brief report about the Big Data Analytics 2019 conference (BDA 2019)

This week, I have attended the 7th Big Data Analytics conference (BDA 2019), which was held in Ahmedabad, India from the 17th to 20th December 2019. This was a great event with good keynote speeches, invited talks, research papers, tutorials, a workshop on IT for agriculture, a panel … Continue reading

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Report about the 13th ADMA conference (ADMA 2018)

I have recently attended the 13th International Conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications (ADMA 2018) in Nanjing, China from the 16th to 18th October 2018. In this blog post, I will give a brief report about this conference. What is the ADMA conference? ADMA is a … Continue reading

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Plagiarism at Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology by Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M

I have recently found another case of plagiarism from India. It is by  two professors from the Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology  named Nasreen Ali A ( )  and Arunkumar M at Ilahia. The plagiarized paper The plagiarized paper is the … Continue reading

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Why I left Canada to work as a University Professor in China

One year and a half ago, I was working as a professor at a university in Canada. But I took the decision to not renew my contract and move to China. At that time, some people may have thought that I was crazy to leave my job … Continue reading

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An introduction to periodic pattern mining

In this blog post I will give an introduction to the discovery of periodic patterns in data. Mining periodic patterns is an important data mining task as patterns may periodically appear in all kinds of data, and it may be desirable to find them … Continue reading

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Brief report about the ACM SAC 2016 conference

Last week, I have attended the ACM SAC 2016 conference (31st ACM Symposium on Applied Computing). It was held in Pisa, Italy from the 4th to the 8th April 2016. In this blog post, I will briefly discuss this conference. About … Continue reading

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News about SPMF

Some quick news about the SPMF project. First, this month I have made a few updates to SPMF.  Two new algorithms have been added: USpan (for high-utility sequential pattern mining) and FCHM (for correlated high utility itemset mining). Moreover, I have fixed … Continue reading

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