When ChatGPT is used to write papers…

Today, I want to share with you something funny but also alarming. It is that some papers published in academic journals contains text indicating that parts were apparently written by LLMs.

The first example is this paper “The three-dimensional porous mesh structure of Cu-based metal-organic-framework – aramid cellulose separator enhances the electrochemical performance of lithium metal anode batteries” in the journal Surfaces and Materials of Elsevier. The first sentence of the introduction is “Certainly, here is a possible introduction for your topic:

It is quite surprising that authors and reviewers did not see this!

A second example of such problem is case report “Successful management of anlatrogenic portal vein and hepatic artery injury in a 4-month-oldfemale patient: A case report and literature review published in the open-access Elsevier journal Radiology and Case Reports:

Again, it is surprising that this has passed through the review process unnoticed by the editor, reviewers or authors.

Have you found other similar cases? If so please share in the comment section!

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