UDML 2024 Workshop program @ PAKDD 2024

The UDML 2024 workshop on Utility-Driven Mining and Learning is coming soon. This year is the 6th edition and it will be held next week at PAKDD 2024 in Taipei. And I am glad to announce that we have a very good program this year with a keynote speech from Prof. Jian Pei (a worldwide top-level computer scientist), as well as 9 papers accepted from 23 submissions:

UDML SESSION 1 (13:40-15:10)

Session chair: Vincent S. Tseng, Philippe Fournier-Viger

13:40: Opening

13:45: Keynote talk : Data valuation in federated learning (Prof. Jian Pei) ***
jian pei

2:25: PAPER: Explainability of Highly Associated Fuzzy Churn Patterns
Yu-Chung Wang, Jerry Chun-Wei Lin and Lars Arne Jordanger

2:40: Incremental skyline frequent-utility itemset mining
Xiaojie Zhang, Guoting Chen, Linqi Song and Wensheng Gan

2:55: A detection of multi-level co-location patterns based on column calculation and DBSCAN clustering
Ting Yang, Lizhen Wang, Lihua Zhou and Hongmei Chen

Coffee break (15:10-15:30)

UDML SESSION 2 (15:30-17:00)

Session chair: Philippe Fournier-Viger

15:30 An Effective Correlated High Utility Itemset Mining Algorithm
Priscilla Okai Owiredu, Vincent Mwintieru Nofong, Selasi Kwashie and Michael Bewong

15:45: Facial Landmark Detection: An Attentive Dropout-Based Occlusion-Adaptive Deep Network
Muhammad Sadiq, Liang Junwei, Geng Yu and Zhang Yunsheng

16:00: Learning Path Recommendation for MOOCs Using Sequential Patterns and Matching Similarity
Wei Song and Qihao Zhang

16:15: A New Closed High Utility Itemsets with Loose Restriction
Qinghua Zhang, Mu-En Wu, Chien-Ping Chung and Jimmy Ming-Tai Wu

16:30 Genetic Algorithm for Efficient Descriptive Pattern Mining
Muhammad Zohaib Nawaz, M. Saqib Nawaz and Philippe Fournier-Viger

16:45: Metamorphic Testing of High-Utility Itemset Mining
Tzung-Pei Hong, Rang Lee, Bay Vo and Shu-Min Lee

Special issue and best paper award

All the accepted papers are also invited for an extension in a special issue of the Expert System journal. And a best paper award will be announced next week!

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