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Drawings a figure of subgraphs side-by-side with captions in Latex with TIKZ

Today, I will give an example of how to draw a figure containing three subgraphs that appear side by side in Latex using the TIKZ library, and where each subgraph has a caption. This can be useful when writing research … Continue reading

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An introduction to frequent subgraph mining

In this blog post, I will give an introduction to an interesting data mining task called frequent subgraph mining, which consists of discovering interesting patterns in graphs. This task is important since data is naturally represented as graph in many domains (e.g. social networks, chemical molecules, … Continue reading

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Subgraph mining datasets

In this post, I will provide links to standard benchmark datasets that can be used for frequent subgraph mining. Moreover, I will provide a set of small graph datasets that can be used for debugging subgraph mining algorithms. The format of graph datasets A graph dataset is a text … Continue reading

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