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SPMF Upcoming feature: Graph viewer

Today, I will give you a preview of another upcoming feature of SPMF, which will be released in the next version of SPMF (2.59). It is the Graph Viewer tool. The Graph Viewer is a simple tool for visualizing graphs. … Continue reading

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New videos about pattern mining

Today, I share with you some new videos that I have recorded about pattern mining. The first videos gives an introduction to some important topics: sequential pattern mining, frequent subgraph mining and high utility itemset mining, while the lastvideo explains … Continue reading

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Subgraph mining datasets

In this post, I will provide links to standard benchmark datasets that can be used for frequent subgraph mining. Moreover, I will provide a set of small graph datasets that can be used for debugging subgraph mining algorithms. The format of graph datasets A graph dataset is a text … Continue reading

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