SPMF upcoming feature: Algorithm Explorer

Today, I want to show you an upcoming feature of SPMF, which is a new tool called the Algorithm Explorer to explore the list of algorithms and tools offered in SPMF. It is actually a simple tool, but I think it can be useful, as there are many algorithms.

Note that this is a preview of the tool, as it will released in the next version of SPMF (2.59).

To open the new Algorithm Explorer, in the GUI of SPMF, we have to choose:

Then, this will open the new tool called Algorithm Explorer, where algorithms are shown as a tree on the left, classified by categories, and we can see information about the selected algorithm on the right:

In the above picture, we selected the AFEM-Rules algorithm. Thus, we can see the name of the algorithm, the category, the authors of the implementation, the link to the example page, the input and output types as well as the parameters.

Searching for similar algorithms

Update: I also added two buttons that allows to search for algorithms that are similar to a selected algorithm. More precisely, we can search for (1) algorithms with the same input, output and mandatory parameters, and (2) algorithms with the same input and output but that may not have the same parameters.

For example, if we select the RuleGrowth algorithm for sequential rule mining on the left and click on this button:

It will highlight all algorithms that have the same input and output types as RuleGrowth:

And if we instead click on this button:

It will highlight the algorithms that not only have the same input and output types as RuleGrowth but also the same mandatory parameters:

In this case, we can notice that TRuleGrowth is not included anymore because although it has the same input type and output type as RuleGrowth, it has an extra parameter that is the window length.

Let me show you one more example. Let’s say that I choose a high utility itemset mining algorithm like EFIM. Then, I can quickly find that many algorithms have the same input and output types and also the same mandatory parameters:


That is the current version of this tool. I will think about other potential improvements. If you have any suggestions, you may tell me in the comments below, either to add more functions or improve the user interface. I will try to take them into account, when I have time.

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a full professor working in China and founder of the SPMF open source data mining software.

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  1. rana hamed says:

    can you add pipeline wrapper for python and R >>
    or do you have a simple way to graph the output of the spmf python library .
    i need to graph my output data

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