Five recent books on pattern mining

In this blog post, I will list a few interesting and recent books on the topic of pattern mining (discovering interesting patterns in data). This mainly lists books from the last 5 years.

High utility pattern mining: Theory, Applications and algorithms (2019). This is the most recent book, edited by me. It is about probably the hottest topic in pattern mining right now, which is high utility pattern mining. The book contains 12 chapters written by experts from this field about discovering different kinds of high utility patterns in data. It gives a good introduction to the field, as it contains five survey papers, and also describe some of the latest research. Link:

Supervised Descriptive Pattern Mining (2018). A book that focuses on techniques for mining descriptive patterns such as emerging patterns, contrast patterns, class association rules, and subgroup discovery, which are other important techniques in pattern mining.

Pattern Mining with Evolutionary Algorithms (2016). A book that focuses on the use of evolutionary algorithms to discover interesting patterns in data. This is another emerging topic in the field of pattern mining.

Frequent pattern mining (2014). This book does not cover the latest research as it is already almost five years old. But it gives an interesting overview of some popular techniques in frequent pattern mining.

Spatiotemporal Frequent Pattern Mining from Evolving Region Trajectories (2018). This is a recent book, which focus on spatio-temporal pattern mining. Adding the time and spatial dimension in pattern mining is another interesting research issue.

That is all I wanted to write for today. If you know about some other good books related to pattern mining that have been published in recent years, please let me know and I will add them to this list. Also, I am looking forward to edit another book related to pattern mining soon…. What would be a good topic? If you have some suggestions, please let me know in the comment section below!

Philippe Fournier-Vigeris a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software SPMF, offering more than 150 data mining algorithms.

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