Brief report about the BDA 2022 conference

This week, I wasattending the BDA 2022 conference, which is the 10th International Conference on Big Data Analytics. The BDA 2022 conference washeld in Hyderabad, India from the 20th to 22nd December 2022.

The BDA conference is an international conference organized in India, which is quite good and is published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Computer Sciences series. I have previously attended in 2019 (see my report of BDA 2019). This year, I am attending it again as co-author of a paper and also as a keynote speaker and moderator for a panel.

My report for this conference is a little short because I have been a bit sick during the conference and could not attend all the presentations due to this.


All papers in BDA are published in Springer LNCS which gives good visibility and indexing.

Opening session

I have first attended the opening session. Below are some slides from the opening session that provide some interesting information.

The BDA conference is held every year in different cities in India:

The registration fee is quite reasonable:

About the program of BDA 2022, there was 41 valid submissions, from which 14 were accepted, that is 7 short papers and 7 full papers.

There was several keynotes at the BDA conference. This year, I am one of the keynote speakers. I gave a talk about pattern mining.

There was also several invited talks, some from IBM and the Bank of America, which is quite interesting.

There was also a panel on big data analysis for attaining sustainability. I am one of the two moderators for this panel.

A lot of people are working behind the scene for this conference:

Paper presentations

There was many paper presentations.

My collaborator from Tunisia, Prof. Khaled Belghith presented a paper on using high utility itemsets for transaction embeddings, which may be interesting for those working on pattern mining as it is a kind of bridge between machine learning and pattern mining:

Belghith, K., Fournier-Viger, P., Jawadi, J. (2022). Hui2Vec: Learning Transaction Embedding Through High Utility Itemsets. Proc. of 10th Intern. Conf. on Big Data Analytics (BDA 2022), Springer, to appear.

Panel on data science for sustainable development goals

There was a very interesting panel on data science for sustainable development goals with Prof. Masaru Kitsuregawa (The University of Tokyo), Prof. Longbing Cao (University of Technology of Sydney), Prof. Yun Sing Koh (University of Auckland), and Jaideep Srivastava (University of Minosota).

The panelists brought several interesting perspectives. In particular some cases study was discussed about algae bloom detection and about environmental monitoring. Besides, some other topics were discussed such as the importance of large data centers, health monitoring devices, data collection, and data sovereignty to name a few. The four invited experts also talked about the challenges of interdisciplinary work.


This is a short report about BDA 2022 because I have been sick during the event and I did not attend many activities due to this. But the BDA conference in general is a well-organized conference. The program is good with many excellent guests and speakers, and I also I know several researchers involved in this conference. Thus, I will be looking forward to attending it again.

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software SPMF, offering more than 120 data mining algorithms.

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