The KDDCup 2015 dataset

The KDD cup 2015 dataset is about MOOC dropout prediction. I have  had recently found that the dataset had been offline on the official website. Thus, I have uploaded a copy of the KDD cup 2015 dataset on my website. You can download it below.
kddcup 2015

I don’t have other information on this dataset besides what is provided above. If you want to share ideas with others or ask questions you can use the comment section below.

Hope that the dataset is useful! 🙂

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The KDDCup 2015 dataset — 7 Comments

  1. hello. is it only me but the dataset description doesn’t tally with the actual dataset. please help

  2. Thank you for your services!

    However, can I ask the information of MOOC data license? (or no license?)


    • Hi,
      I dont know about the license. I am not the one who created the dataset. I just put it here because the original website was offline 😉 Maybe information about the license could be found by checking the KDDcup 2015 website using the Internet Wayback Machine?

      Best regards,

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