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Unethical Reviewers in Academia!

In this blog post, I will talk about a common problem in academia, which is the unethical behavior of some reviewers that ask authors to cite several of their papers. It is quite common that some reviewer will ask authors to cite his papers to increase his citation count. I have encountered this problem many times … Continue reading

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Unethical reviewers in academia

In this blog post, I will discuss about the importance of an ethical review process in academia, and the problem of unethical reviewers. I will share some stories about some unethical reviewers in journals and conferences. Peer review in academia The process of peer review in academia … Continue reading

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The review speed of academic journals

Today, I will talk about the review speed of academic journals. Review speed is an important criterion for selecting a journal to submit a paper when researchers face time constraints. For example, it is common that some students need to publish a paper quickly … Continue reading

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How to review a research paper?

Today, I will discuss the task of reviewing papers in academia. I will discuss why it is important to review papers, and then give tips about how to review papers and also talk about what a reviewer should do and should not do. This topic is important … Continue reading

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Conference reviewers procrastinate?

Today, I will  write about the work of reviewers for scientific conferences. As you probably know, when a researcher submit a paper to a conference, the paper is assigned to usually three or more reviewers. The program chair of the … Continue reading

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