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My paper is rejected. Can I appeal the editor’s decision?

Today, I will talk about what to do when a paper is rejected from a journal, and more specifically if it is possible to appeal the editor’s decision, and then what are the chance of success? Generally, if a researcher … Continue reading

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Useful Latex tricks for Writing Research Papers

In this blog post, I will talk about some useful latex tricks for researchers writing research papers using Latex. This blog post is aimed at those who knows already how to use Latex but maybe do not know these tricks. … Continue reading

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A few errors to avoid in research papers

Today, I will write a short blog post just to give a list of some common errors that I observed recently in some journal and conference research papers. I could say much more about this. Indeed, you can look at … Continue reading

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How to review a research paper?

Today, I will discuss the task of reviewing papers in academia. I will discuss why it is important to review papers, and then give tips about how to review papers and also talk about what a reviewer should do and should not do. This topic is important … Continue reading

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Writing a research paper (2) – choosing a good title

Today, I will continue my series of blog posts about how to write research papers.  I will discuss the importance of choosing a good title for research papers, some common errors, and give some tips. Why the title is important? The title and abstract are some … Continue reading

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Writing a research paper (1) – keeping it simple

Today, I will give some advice about how to write research papers.  This will be the first post of a series of posts on this topic. In this post, I will focus on one aspect, which is to use simple structures and expressions to present the … Continue reading

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