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The HUIM-Miner and FHM algorithms (video)

Today, I post one more new video to explain concepts about pattern mining. In the new video, I talk about high utility itemset mining, and explain the HUI-Miner and FHM algorithms. Those are two popular high utility itemset mining algorithms … Continue reading

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(video) Minimal High Utility Itemset Mining with MinFHM

This is a video presentation of the paper “Mining Minimal High Utility Itemsets” about high utility itemset mining using MinFHM. It is the first video of a series of videos that will explain various data mining algorithms. VIDEO LINK : https://www.philippe-fournier-viger.com/spmf/videos/minfhm.mp4 More information … Continue reading

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An Introduction to Sequential Rule Mining

In this blog post, I will discuss an interesting topic in data mining, which is the topic of sequential rule mining. It consists of discovering rules in sequences. This data mining task has many applications for example for analyzing the behavior of … Continue reading

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