SPMF 2.48 + The Pattern Mining Wiki

Hi all, I have not been very active on the blog during the last month. This is because I had many thinsg going on in my personal and professional life that I will not reveal here. But I will be back soon with more regular content for the blog. Today, I write a blog post to give you some news:

SPMF 2.48

First, I would like to say that a new version of SPMF data mining software has just been released (v. 2.48) with two new algorithms:
NEclatClosed  for mining closed itemsets
HUIM-SPSO for mining high utility itemsets using Set-based Particle Swarm Optimization
Those are the original implementations, provided by the authors.

The Pattern Mining Wiki

Second, I would like to announce that I have created a new website called The Pattern Mining Wiki. It is a Wiki that will explain important concept related to pattern mining (discovering interesting patterns in data) as a kind of encyclopedia. Currently, the Pattern Mining Wiki does not have so much content because it has just been created last week and I update it only during my free time. But over time, it will improve and there will be some useful resources to learn more about pattern mining.

The Pattern Mining Wiki

To make the management of the Pattern Mining Wiki as simple as possible, ensure the quality of the content, and avoid spam, it will require an authorized account to modify the Wiki. Only some users will be allowed to directly modify the pages. If you want to make some contributions or have some suggestions, you may contact with me at : philfv8 AT yahoo DOT com.

MLiSE 2021 – deadline extension

Third, I would like to mention that the deadline for submiting your papers to the MLiSE 2021 workshop at PKDD that I co-organize has been extended to the 15th July. The theme of the workshop is Machine Learning in Software Engineering but the scope can be more broad so if you have any question about the workshop, feel free to contact with me. I would be happy to see your paper 🙂


This blog post was just to give some quick update. Hope it has been interesting.

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software SPMF, offering more than 200 data mining algorithms.

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