Brief report about ICIVIS 2021 (Int. Conference on Image, Vision and Intelligent system)

This week-end, I have attended the International Conference on Image, Vision and Intelligent system from 18 to 20 June 2021 in Changsha city, China.

It is a medium-sized conference (about 100 participants) but It is well-organized, and there was many interesting activites and speakers, as well as some workshops. The main theme of this conference is about image and computer vision but also some other works more related to intelligent systems where presented.

I have participated to this conference as an invited keynote speaker. I gave a talk on analyzing data for intelligent systems using pattern mining techniques. There was also an interesting keynote talk by Prof. Yang Xiao from University of Alabama, USA about detecting the theft of electricity from electricity networks and smart grids. Another keynote speaker was Prof. En Zhu from the National University of Defense Technology, who talked about detecting flow and anomalies in images. The fourth keynote speaker was Prof. Yong Wang from Central South University, about optimization algorithms and edge computing. That presentation has shown some cool applications such as drones being used to improve the internet coverage in some area or optimizing the placement of wind turbines in a wind farm. The last keynote speaker was Prof. Jian Yao from Wuhan University, about image-fusion. He shown many advanced techniques to transform images such as to fix light and stitching together overlaping videos.

This my pass, and program book:

Below, is the registration desk. The staff has been very helpful through the conference:

This is one of the room for listening to the talks:

This is a group picture:

There was also social activities such as an evening dinner and banquet, where I met many interesting researchers that I will keep contact with.

That is all of what I will write for today. It is just to give a quick overview of the conference. Next month, I will write about the ICSI 2021, CCF-AI 2021 DSIT 2021 , and  IEA AIE 2021 conferences, that I will also attend.

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software SPMF, offering more than 120 data mining algorithms.

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