Having a good posture for working at the computer is important!

Today, I write a short blog post. I will not talk about data mining, but I instead want to remind all of you my readers about the importance of having a good posture when working on the computer. This is especially important if you have to work for very long periods of times like I do. Having a good posture and doing some exercises is important to stay healthy especially as we get older. You may not see any problems to work 12 hours a day on a computer sitting when you are in your 20s but problems may start to appear in your 30s or 40s. Thus, today, I want to talk a little bit about this, and show you a picture of how I have arranged my desk for work these days:

As you can guess, I work in a standing position because I start to not feel comfortable to be sitting the whole day, and I have a lot of work to do. Thus, I now alternate between a sitting and standing position. It is something that you may also want to consider if you start to feel tired or have problems with your back or legs.

Another quick recommendation is to avoid working on the laptop when possible. Working on a laptop generally result in a bad posture as the screen is too low. A solution to this is to plug the laptop to an external screen and put the screen higher or to use a wireless keyboard, and put the laptop screen higher. This is another way to improve your posture while working on the computer. Also, you may consider having a better chair or a table with adjustable height.

Finally, doing some sport is a good way to stay healthy. For example, I like to go running outside. But any sport is good and will improve your health.

This is just a short blog post to remind all my readers about this! 🙂

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