Brief report about the ADMA 2013 conference

In this blog post, I will discuss my recent trip to the ADMA 2013 conference (9th Intern. Conf. on Advanced Data Mining and Applications in China (December 14-16 2013 in Hangzhou, China at Zhejiang University). Note that the view expressed in this post is my personal opinion about what I have attended at this conference.

First, let me say that I enjoyed this conference. ADMA is an international data mining conference that is always located in China but in different cities every year. The idea to always host ADMA in China is inspired by the SIAM DM conference, which is always hosted in USA. The proceedings of the ADMA conference are published inSpringer LNAI series.  The acceptance rate for papers with a long presentation was quite competitive this year (about 14 % ), while another 28% of submissions were accepted as papers with a short presentation.   The ADMA conference focuses on data mining techniques but also on data mining applications as its name implies.

Panel on Big Data

Since Big Data is a popular topic, there was a panel on big data including several top researchers such as Frans Coenen, Osmar Zaiane, Xindong Wu, etc.  The panel presented some interesting opinions about Big Data.

  • It was mentioned that although big data is a popular topic, it is usually hard to get public big data datasets on Internet.
  • A panelist state that big data is a fluke and that actually, most challenges raised by big data, were already known by the data mining community before all that hype. The same panelist mentioned that we should take advantage of this hype in the data mining community to create larger projects and apply them in the industry, get funding, etc.  However, the data mining community should be cautious not to make unachievable promises to the public or it could perhaps result into something like the “AI winter” for artificial intelligence, but for data mining.
  • Another panelist made an interesting comparison about “big data” and sex for teenagers stating that “everybody talks about it, everybody say it does it, but few people really do it” or something like that, if I remember well.
  • There was also some discussion about what is big data. For example, related to the panel, there was a keynote by Xindong Wu. He presented a characterization of what “Big data is” that he calls the “HACE theorem”, although it is not a theorem since there is no proof.  The main idea is that according to him big data should have the following characteristics: Heteoreneous, Autonomous (decentalized and distributed),  Complex and Evolving.
  • Some challenges of big data were mentioned such as: local learning and model fusion, mining sparse, uncertain and incomplete data,  mining complex and dynamic data,  mining big data stream and feature stream, and the problem of dimensionality.

Paper presentations

There was several interesting paper presentations. The best paper award went to a paper about data mining applied to a water network.  I did not have chance to choose much of the sessions that I wanted to attend because I had four papers presentations (one done by my student) and I was also a session chair.

The main topics this year were:

  • sequential data mining
  • opinion mining
  • behavior mining
  • stream mining
  • web mining
  • image mining
  • text mining
  • social network mining
  • classification
  • clustering
  • pattern mining
  • regression, prediction, feature extraction
  • machine learning
  • applications

Other aspects of the conference

Overall, the conference was very enjoyable. We also  had an excursion to the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. But unfortunately, it was raining a lot, and we even had a little bit snow!

Next year conference

An important announcement is that next year ADMA 2014 conference will be located in Guilin, China. It will be the 10th anniversary of the conference.


Philippe Fournier-Viger is a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software SPMF, offering more than 52 data mining algorithms.

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