A Tool to Generate Reviews of Academic Papers

Writing reviews is important but sometimes repetitive and time-consuming. Hence, today I built a tool to help automatize the process of review writing. You can try it at the website below:

The Review Generator ( http://philippe-fournier-viger.com/reviewgenerator/index.html )

This tool let you select some items and this will add predefined sentences to your review. Of course, this tool is not supposed to replace a human and generated reviews should be viewed as draft and edited by hand to add more details.

If you like the tool, you may boomark it and share it. And if you would like more features, please let me know. For example, if you would like that I add more content to the tool, please leave a comment below or send me an email.

** Credit ** That project is a modification of AutoReject (https://autoreject.org/)by Andreas Zeller, which was designed as a joke to automatically reject papers. I have reused the template but modified the text content to turn it into a serious tool. #review#academia#reviewgenerator#reviewprocess#journal#conference

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a distinguished professor working in China and founder of the SPMF open source data mining software.

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  1. wajid iqbal says:

    i dont know how to use this software

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