Two post-doctoral researcher positions in my team (topic: data mining / machine learning)

There are two post-doc positions that are now OPEN in my research team in Shenzhen, China.

=== Topic ===

data mining or ML algorithms for processing graphs, sequences, streams or other complex data, pattern mining

=== Benefits =====

  • Very good salary
  • work in an excellent research team and top university
  • 2 years contract

=== Requirements ===

  • have published papers in good journals or conferences during your Ph.D. as main author (papers in unknown journals from unknown or predatory publishers does not count)
  • be less than 35 years old (requirement of the university – I have no control over this)
  • be very motivated, and able to produce high quality papers
  • if you are not in China already, you must be in a country where a visa can be obtained for China
    === How to apply? ===

Send me an e-mail with your CV to philfv AT Make sure that your CV includes your age and the list of your publications.

Tell me when you would be ready to start, and other relevant information

If you know someone who might be interested, please share!

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