We are launching a new data mining journal

In this blog post, I will discuss one of my recent and current project. I have been recently working with my colleague Chun-Wei Lin on launching a new journal, titled “Data Science and Pattern Recognition“.

Data Science and Pattern Recognition

This is a new open-access journal, with a focus on data science, big data, and pattern recognition. The journal will be published by the Taiwanese publisher Ubiquitous International, which already publishes several SCI journals. In the next year, we will be pushing hard to make this journal a high level journal. For this purpose, we have worked hard on creating an outstanding editorial board with world-class researchers in the fields of data science and pattern recognition.

It is our goal to make the journal EI and SCI indexed in the next years.  Currently, there is no publication fee for publishing in this journal, to help support the journal initially. But there should be some in the future, since it is an open-access journal. Thus, it is a good time to submit your papers, now!

There will be 4 issues per year, for a total of approximately 24 papers per year. The first issue has just been published. It contains five papers including a paper that I wrote.

The next issue is planned for June, so if you want to submit a paper, please send it before June. After that, the following issues should be in September and December. In any case, if you have any question about the journal, you can have a look at the website, let me know directly, or use the contact e-mail on the journal website to contact us.

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a professor of Computer Science and also the founder of the open-source data mining software SPMF, offering more than 120 data mining algorithms.

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We are launching a new data mining journal — 4 Comments

  1. Dear Sir,

    It is very good beginning sir.
    This is international journal site i believe. The paper submitting here is become article or Journal sir. If paper accepted and published here, is this can be valid for PhD? Please clarify sir


    • Hello Raju,

      Is it accepted for PhD? I think that this is a country or university specific question, but it is an international journal with an ISSN number. So in my opinion it should count. You are welcome to submit a paper. And if your paper is accepted and then you need something like an acceptance certificate or something like that for your university, we should be able to do that.


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