A Brief Report about ACIIDS 2021 (13th Asian Conference on Intelligent Information and Database Systems)

In this blog post, I will give a brief report about the ACIIDS 2021 conference, that I am attending from April 7–10, 2021.

Aciids conference

What is ACIIDS?

ACIIDS is an international conference focusing on intelligent information and database systems. The conference is always held in Asia. In the past, it was organized in different countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan. This year, the conference was supposed to be in Phuket, Thailand. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was held online using the Zoom platform. It is the first time that I attend this conference. This year, the timing was good so I have decided to submit two papers, which were accepted.

Here is the list of countries where ACIIDS was held in previous years:

aciids conferences

Conference program of ACIIDS 2021

The conference has received 291 papers, from which 69 papers were selected for oral presentation and published in the proceedings, and about 33 more papers were published in a second volume. This means an acceptance rate of 23 % for the main proceedings, which is a somewhat competitive. The papers cover various topics such as data mining techniques and applications, cybersecurity, natural language processing, decision support systems, and computer vision. The conference ACIIDS is now in the CORE B ranking.

The main proceedings of ACIIDS 2021 is published by Springer in the Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence series, which ensures good visibility and indexing. The second proceedings books was published in another series of books from Springer.

aciids conference statistics

There was four keynote speakers, that gave some interesting talks:

aciids conference speaker

Opening ceremony

The conference started in the afternoon in Asia with the opening ceremony.

First day paper presentations

During the first day, I listened to several presentations. My team presented two papers:

During that session, there was not so many people (likely due to the different time zones) but I had some good discussions with other participants. In the first paper (video here), we presented a new algorithm for discovering episode rules in a long sequence of events. In the second paper, we investigated the importance of crossover operators in genetic algorithms for a data mining task called high utility itemset mining.

ACIIDS, a well organized virtual conference

The organization of the ACIIDS conference was very well-done. Over the last year, I have attended several virtual conferences such as ICDM, PKDD, PAKDD and AIOPS, to just name a few . In general, I think that virtual conferences are not as enjoyable as “real” conferences (see my post: real vs virtual conferences), because it is harder to have discussions with other attendees and many attendees will not attend much of the conference.

Having said that, I think that ACIIDS organizers did a good job to try to make it an interesting virtual event to to increase the participation of attendees in the activities. What did they do? First, before the conference, they sent an e-mail to all attendees to collect pictures of us giving our greetings to the ACIIDS conference to then make a video out of it. Second, the organizers also created a contest where we could submit a picture of an intriguing point-of-interest in our city, and there was a vote about the best one during the conference. Third, there was several interesting activities such as a live Ukelele show. Fourth, the organizers gave several awards to paper including some more or less serious, including a award called the “most intelligent paper”. Fifth, to increase participation, an e-mail was sent everyday to attendees to remind them about the schedule.

Here are a few pictures from some of the virtual social activities:

ACIIDS 2021 conference show
The Ukulele show at ACIIDS 2021
ACIIDS conference greetings
Greetings from all around the world at ACIIDS 2021

Here are some pictures of some of the “Top 3” awards given to authors (some are serious and some not serious and just based on a statistical analysis):

The paper from my student, received the “most internationalized paper award” as we have authors from three continents:

Last day: more paper presentations, awards and closing ceremony

On the last day of the conference, there was more paper presentations, which were followed by the best paper award ceremony and the closing ceremony. It was announced that my student paper received the best paper award:

Next year: ACIIDS 2022

It was announced that ACIIDS 2022 would be organized next year in Almaty, Kazakhstan around June. Almaty is the biggest city in Kazakhstan, so that should be interesting.

Registration fees

The registration fee for this year at ACIIDS were lower than usual, perhaps due to the conference being online. This makes the conference more attractive and affordable this year. Here is a comparison with previous years:

ACIIDS 2021 350 euros
ACIIDS 2020 600 euros
ACIIDS 2019 650 USD
ACIIDS 2018 500 euros
ACIIDS 2017 690 USD

ACIIDS 2015 600 USD
ACIIDS 2014 600 USD


That is all for this blog post about ACIIDS 2021. Overall, it was an enjoyable conference. I did not attend all the sessions as I was quite busy this week, but what I saw was good. Thus, looking forwards to ACIIDS 2022.

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a full professor working in China and founder of the SPMF open source data mining software.

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  2. Adrianna says:

    Thank you for kind words about our conference and your apprecation. I would like to inform, that Conference ACIIDS received category B in the 2021 CORE conference rankings!

    • It was a great conference, so it was not hard to write good comments about it! Congratulations for the CORE B ranking. This is a great achievement. And looking forward to the conference next year!

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