Big problem on my website on IONOS webhosting!

Hi all,

A bad news is that the database of this blog was reverted to 3 years ago due to some technical problem. I have used 1and1 IONOS as hosting service for my websites for the last 10 years, but now it seems that the database for the blog was overwritten with an old backup because everything is as it was 3 years ago in January 2017. How could it have happened?

I have contacted 1and1 IONOS to try to fix the issue, but they denied that it is their fault and did not have any backup older than 7 days. And my own backup is a little bit old… This is unfortunate. Thus, I think that maybe all blog posts of the last three years are lost (maybe 50+ posts). Anyway, this can of things happen, and I will continue the blog again soon…

But this time, I will not trust the 1and1 hosting service and do my own backups more often.

I am now trying to recover old posts through the Internet Wayback Machine and the cache of web search engines… I have recovered a dozen posts already and will continue but it may take some time.

Update: After several hours, I think that I have recovered most of the missing blog posts… but maybe there are some broken links. At least, most of the posts are not lost.


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9 Responses to Big problem on my website on IONOS webhosting!

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  2. Brendan Vail says:

    I had this happen to me too. Lost any entire site. Everything.

  3. Eric Stahl says:

    Been there as well… I am currently updating my database from 5.5 to 5.7… Why is this my job? I pay them too much to have to man handle database upgrades! Its about time to move my sites!

    • Yes…. Thanks for sharing your experience too. I see that I am not alone and currently looking at where to move my websites… Not sure what is the best alternative… 1and1 have gradually increase their price.. I guess there must be some cheaper alternatives.

  4. Laia says:

    I one lost my entire website as well. And now for a few days I cannot edit it anymore – tried 2 different Laptops and 2 browsers on each. Does someone had this too?

  5. Is that better now? I plan to make a forum using mysql and i’m using ionos as host, so i would like some stability and reliability.

    • Good evening,

      In the last few months, I did not have any more problems with IONOS. I have only lost my data once as explained in the blog post.. To be honest, I have used their service for over 10 years, and in general their service is OK. But when I lost my data, I was angry….

      Besides, another thing about IONOS is that they keep increasing their price and not by a small amount. I think since ten years ago, I probably pay 200% of what I used to pay. But at the same time, storage space etc should decrease in price… So I am thinking every year to move to some cheaper webhost but since I have many databases and a complicated setup with a few websites, it would take a few days for me to move everything to another webb hosting service so I keep using them… But honestly, If it was more simple, I would try something else cheaper and move away.

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