Plagiarism by Kalli S N Prasad and S Venkata Suryanaryana at GVIT College Bhimavaram (affiliated to JNTUK) and CVR college

In this blog post, I will again report another case of my papers being plagiarized by researchers from India. This is the second time that I find that someone has plagiarized my paper in less than a month. This time, my papers are plagiarized by a team of three professors, including S Venkata Suryanaryana from the CVR College of Engineering, and Kalli S N Prasad, the principal of the computer science department of the GVIT college. This college is affiliated to the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUK), Kakinada.

Kalli S N Prasad

What is the paper?

The paper was written by three Indian professors. The first one is Professor Kalli S N Prasad from the GVIT College, Bhimavaram in India. The second one is Associate Professor S Venkata Suryanaryana from the CVR College of Engineering in Hyderabad. The third one is Associate Professor D. Srikar of the GVIT College, Bhimavaram.

The paper containing plagiarism is:

Prasad, Kalli SN, S. Venkata Suryanaryana, and D. Srikar. “Efficient Mining Method for Maximal Closed Frequent Sequences without Candidate Generation.” (2017). International Journal of Engineering Technology Science and Research (IJETSR), ISSN 2394 – 3386, Volume 4, Issue 10, October 2017

Here is a screenshot of that paper:

Kalli S N Prasad , GVIT College, Bhimavaram

Kalli S N Prasad , GVIT College, Bhimavaram

On that screenshot, I just show the abstract of the paper. And we can already see the greater part of the abstract is sentences copied word for word from my survey paper about sequential pattern mining published in the DSPR journal (my paper is here: .

Then, many parts of the paper by Kalli S N Prasad plagiarize my paper. They claim to propose a new algorithm that they call MCFS. But they just copied the pseudocode of the MaxSP sequential pattern mining algorithm that I published in 2014 in that paper: . They basically stole my algorithm, changed the name, and copied text from my papers.

Kalli S N Prasad

The rest of the paper is similar.

Who are Kalli S N Prasad and S. Venkata Suryanaryana?

Kalli S N Prasad is a professor and the principal of the Computer science and engineering deparment at a college called GVIT college (Grandhi Varalakshmi Venkata Rao) in Bhimavaram, India. The website of the GVIT college is ( . On the page of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, we can find the profile of that professor and his colleague S. Venkata Suryanaryana, who plagiarized my paper.

GVIT College, Bhimavaram.

From that webpage, we can find that the e-mail of S. Venkata Suryanaryana is :

Moreover, the e-mail of Kalli S N Prasad is :

Relationship with the CVR College Of Engineering

I have also found that S. Venkata Suryanaryana is also associated to a college called the CVR College of Engineering ( ). On the Research page of that college, we can find a mention of his plagiarized paper.

CVR college of enineering

On the website of the CVR College Of Engineering, we can find several information about S. Venkata Suryanaryana, including his e-mail ( ), and his CV ( ) :

CVR college S Venkata Suryanarayana

And another picture ( ) :

S Venkata Suryanarayana

What will happen?

This is just another case of plagiarism. I will of course report it to the top level of that college, and also to the affiliated Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTUK), Kakinada ( , and perhaps also to the ministry of education.

Moreover, I will also ask for the journal paper to be retracted from the journal where it is published. As I said, this is not the only case of plagiarism from India. I have reported many cases in recent years, where for many of them, the professors have not even been punished and are still working at their respective college as if nothing happened. The four most recent cases are explained in the following blog posts:

Update 2018-03-13. About two weeks after informing both the JNTUK, GVIT college, and CVR college of engineering about that serious case of plagiarism, I did not receive any answer yet. It seems that they are just pretending that nothing happened, and that no punishment will be given. If I still receive no answer, next week, I will have to consider contacting the ministry of education.

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