Call for chapters on periodic pattern mining

Hi all, I have not written much on the blog in the last month because I have been very busy with numerous projects and deadlines. I thus took a small break to focus on other things. Now that I have more time, I will start to write more often on the blog, as before.

Today, I wanted to announce that I am co-editor of an upcoming Springer book about periodic pattern mining.

Periodic pattern mining consists of discovering patterns that appear regularly over time in data. For example, by analyzing customer data, one may find that a periodic pattern is that many customers buy wine and cheese together every week.

This book will aim at providing an introduction to periodic pattern mining and also showcase some recent research on that topic. Thus, chapters may take the form of a survey paper or that of a research paper.

If you are interested to participate, you can find a copy of the detailled call for chapters here, and submit a short chapter proposal no latter than October 1st.

The deadlines are as follows:

Chapter proposal deadline:1st October 2020
Proposal acceptance date:10th October 2020
Full chapter submission deadline:  15th January 2021
Planned publication date:     1st July 2021

Looking forward to see your submissions on this topic!

By the way, if you want to know more about periodic pattern mining, you can also check other resources:

Philippe Fournier-Viger is a computer science professor and founder of the SPMF open-source data mining library, which offers more than 170 algorithms for analyzing data, implemented in Java.(Visited 4 times, 4 visits today)

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