The failed ADMA 2015 conference

ADMA 2015 is a failed conference that was supposed to be organized by a professor at Fudan University. People submitted papers, and then the website was shut downand the conference was cancelled without notifying the authors or answering e-mails. In this blog post I report this story.

Submitting papers

In October 2015, I had submitted two papers to the ADMA 2015 conference (11th conference on Advanced Data Mining and Applications), which was announced to be held at Fudan university, China. It is interesting to note that this conference was called 2015, although it was planned to be held in January 2016, probably because the organizer run out of time to organize it in 2015.

The website of the ADMA 2015 conference  ( ) was online in October 2015. I had saved a screenshot of the website on my computer.

ADMA 2015 conference

The ADMA 2015 conference website

I had submitted two data mining papers to the conference using their EasyChair submission page, and some colleagues of mine also submitted papers. Here is a screenshot of the submission page:

ADMA2015 easychair

ADMA2015 easychair

According to the website of the ADMA 2015 conference, the deadline notification was supposed to be the 1st October. I sent an e-mail to the organizers of the conference on the 24th September 2015 to ask about the deadline and someone replied that there would be at least a two weeks deadline extension.

ADMA 2015 email

Email from the ADMA 2015 conference organizers

Waiting for the notification

Then,  the time passed and I did not receive any notification about the fate of my papers.

I have thus sent e-mails to the organizers again on the 28th October, 10th November, and 17th November, respectively, to ask when we would get the notification for our papers. But the organizers of the ADMA 2015 never answered the e-mails and also those of my colleagues.  I have tried the official e-mail address of the conference and also to contact directly  the organizer using his e-mail address from Fudan University. But no answer.

Disappearance of the website

Then, on the 30th November, I have noticed that the website of the ADMA 2015 conference had been taken down.

ADMA 2015 website on November 30th 2015

Thus, I concluded  that the conference had been cancelled. But why?  And why not answering the e-mails, or letting us know ?

It is a pity because I actually enjoyed previous ADMA conferences. But this is really unprofessional. 

In January 2016, I still had not received any news from that failed conference. It was now clear that the conference had been cancelled, although the organizers never bothered to inform the authors or answer their e-mails to tell us about the status of the conference.

The return of the ADMA conference in 2016

After the failed ADMA 2015 conference,  the ADMA conference was back in 2016 with a conference in Australia called ADMA 2016. Luckily that conference was not organized by  the organizers of the failed ADMA 2015 conference, and it has been a success to my knowledge.

Interestingly, the ADMA 2016 conference was called the 12th ADMA conference, although the 11th conference never happened. But it is perhaps a good idea to forget the bad memory of that failed ADMA 2015 conference.

In 2016, the website of the failed ADMA 2015 conference has suddenly come back online:

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  1. Dang Nguyen says:

    Is there any news about this conference? I am also interested in this conference but after reading your post I think the organization seems to be not professional.
    I hope your submitted papers will not go to nowhere!

  2. Natalie de Vries says:

    I mean *Gold Coast

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