Plagiarism at Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology by Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M

I have found that two professors from the Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology  named Nasreen Ali A ( )  and Arunkumar M have plagiarized one of my paper.

The plagiarized paper is the following:

asreen Ali A.1 , Arunkumar M. Mining High Utility Itemsets from its Concise and Lossless Representations. IOSR Journals (IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering), 1(17), pp.8-14. (the full paper can be downloaded at: )

Arunkumar M and Nasreen Ali A Ilahia College of Engineering

Plagiarized paper by Arunkumar M and Nasreen Ali A at Ilahia College of Engineering

The paper plagiarized my paper describing the FHM algorithm, which was published at ISMIS 2014.  Basically, these two authors have copied the algorithm and claim that it is their algorithm. They even claim that they have proposed the new EUCP strategy which was proposed in my ISMIS 2014 paper.

This is unacceptable. I have contacted the editor of that paper from this journal named IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering. Moreover, I also contacted the head of this college called the  Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology/ Mahatma Gandhi University, India to report this serious case of plagiarism.

About Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M

Who are these two professors named Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M who have plagiarized my paper?  I have done a quick search, and according to the website of their university, here are their pictures:

Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M from Ilahia College of Engineering

Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M from Ilahia College of Engineering

Nasreen Ali has no shame to put her plagiarized paper in her CV on the Ilahia College website:

Ilahia College of Engineering - Plagiarism Nasreen Ali

Ilahia College of Engineering – Plagiarism Nasreen Ali (

Here is another picture of Nasreen Ali from the Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology website ( ).

Another picture of Nasreen Ali from Ilahia College of Engineering

Nasreen Ali from Ilahia College of Engineering

According to the college website, it can be found that the e-mail addresses of Nasreen Ali and Arunkumar M are : and ( ).

The webpage of the Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology is :

Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology

Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology

About the journal “IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering” 

The journal where the plagiarized paper was pulished is called ( IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering ). It appears to be some unknown journal that charge a fee to get published and obtain a certificate of publication.  I had never heard of that journal or publisher before.

IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE)

IOSR Journal of Computer Engineering (IOSR-JCE)

2nd December 2016 

On the 2nd December, I have sent the following e-mail to the Ilahia College of Engineering of Engineering and the journal, to let them know about this serious incident:

Plagiarism at the Ilahia College of Engineering 2

I immediately received an answer from the journal the day after and they have retracted the paper.  But I did not receive any answers from the department where these professors work.

28th December 2016

Four weeks after having contacted the  Ilahia College of Engineering and the deparment, I sill did not receive any answer from them.

Thus, I have sent another e-mail to the principal of the Ilahia College of Engineering:
Plagiarism at the Ilahia College of Engineering

2nd February 2017

Two months later, I still did not receive any answer from the Ilahia College of Engineering or the department where these professors are working. It seems that they just want to ignore the serious plagiarism issues happening at their institution, which raises serious questions about the quality of that college.

14th April 2017

Four months later, I sent yet another e-mail to the head of the department Rosna P Haroon and the principal of the Ilahia College of Engineering.  This person Rosna P Haroon is responsible for the department where the two professors who have plagiarized my work are working. Here is the e-mail below:


15th April 2017

Today, about four months later, I received some acknowledgement that my e-mail has been received from the head of that department Rosna P Haroon, but no clear answer yet was provided about how they will handle this case of plagiarism.  They told me to wait for a few days for more information… Let’s see.

If no actions is taken, I will have to consider other actions such as contacting the institutions or organizations such as AICTE ( who is the approving authority of engineering institutions in India or affiliated institutions such as the MG University ( As researcher, I cannot accept that other people are plagiarizing my work.

By the way, although the journal paper has been retracted by the journal, there is still some online versions available on various websites, that should also be taken down to resolve this issue.

17th April 2017

I received some kind of “apology” from Nasreen Ali.  She claims that she did not cite my paper because she thought it was not published, and she claimed that she never said that she proposed my algorithm. But these claims are ridiculous.  In her paper, she write clearly that she is proposing the technique from my paper. Besides, she stole a large part of the text of my paper. She also stole the name and some pseudocode, without even citing my paper.

Then, a few hours later, I received an e-mail from Rosna P Haroon, the head of department to tell me that Nasreen Ali had sent me an e-mail. I told Rosna P Haroon that I cannot accept this kind of fake apology where they are still denying that it was plagiarism. I told R. P. Haroon that there should be some punishment since plagiarism is unacceptable, and that I want to know what will happen.

10th May

Then,  the head of the department Rosna P Haroon did not answer me about any form of punishments that there would be.  Besides, six months have passed already since the time that I have reported the issue of plagiarism and these two professors are still working at that college as if nothing happened! 

About plagiarism in India

Unfortunately, it is not the first time that some researchers from India have plagiarized my papers (for example, a similar problem of plagiarism at the Galgotias college). I think that it happened three times already only in 2016, and at least five or six times in the last two or three years.  Plagiarism is of course not limited to India. My papers have been plagiarized also by people from France, Algeria, and other countries. And it should be said that there are many very good Indian researchers and universities. From my experience, it seems that the plagiarism issue in India is mostly in small universities.


I will keep you updated about what happens about this case of plagiarism. I am looking forward to see what the Ilahia College of Engineering will do, for these two professors who have committed plagiarism.

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Plagiarism at Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology by Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M — 17 Comments

  1. Hi Philippe,
    Thank you for posting these wonderful blogs which I started following recently.
    I regret to hear that your papers are being copied in my home country (India) & I heard about this college which is in my part of India. It is a newborn college & am not surprised that it’s faculties did this, as most of such new-born colleges are totally profit oriented & employ sub-standard faculty. Most of the faculties will be recent college pass outs who couldn’t land in a descent job. They look at the teaching time as a break to prepare for other jobs.
    Please don’t expect any reply/action from the college anyways. You will be lucky to hear a ‘sorry/regret message ‘ at least. Please don’t get disappointed about these & there are people like us who admire your contributions.

    • Hello Sreenath,
      Thanks for reading the blog and commenting, and thanks for the information. 🙂 I still did not receive a reply from the principal of that college. So, as you say, I think that they might not answer me. In that case, I will just leave that page there, so that at least people will know about that. Then, when people will search for that college, they may find this page, and they will know about it. This may put some pressure on them to take some action to fix this issue.

      Best regards and happy new year.

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  3. Hi Philippe,

    Thanks for posting this detailed post and bringing out the plagiarists. I am sorry that your work was copied and someone claimed it as theirs. As an Indian, I feel doubly hurt and sad. Plagiarism will only take them so far, I doubt if they have even understood let alone implement any of your algorithms. I hope you will continue to enjoy your work and overcome your disappointment and anger at this incident.


    • Hi Sonal,

      Thanks for your message.

      I just hope that there can be some form of punishment. Otherwise, if there is no punishment then this situation will happen again and again. In my country where I come from (Canada), a professor would likely get immediately fired for plagiarizing a paper. What is the most frustrating about that Ilahia College is that they seems to just ignore as if nothing happened. This is very unprofessional. It took them four months to send me a notification that they even received my e-mail and I still don’t know if there will be any punishments for these professors (which does not seem very likely at this point). My e-mails were sent to the principal, the head of department and others. But no reply for four months from any of them.

      Best regards,


  4. Hai Philippe,
    I appreciate your effort for fighting against the plagiarism.
    I understand you pain when someone stole your original work. I am really ashamed to say that I am also from the state of Kerala and I know this college.
    According to my understanding, Ilahia is a very low graded institute and they may not have even heard the word plagiarism or even understand its depth..!! As of me, it is not a surprise that the staff of Ilahia did this..!! They may even publish the same paper with same title in some other journal..
    I am 101 % sure that Ilahia won’t take it seriously and correct their staff..
    Hope you get my point..!!
    You should strictly take this up to AICTE and take stern action against the issue..!!
    I support your effort to safeguard your hardwork..

    • Dear Arnold,

      Thanks for your support. It is great to read your e-mail. Yes, it seems that they will do nothing. It has been several months already. About two weeks ago, I sent the e-mail to AICTE but I did not receive any answer. I will send another e-mail maybe to make sure that they do not forget this case. Someone suggested me that the next step is to contact the local media if nothing happens. I will consider this.

      Best regards,


  5. hello sir

    it is not fair to get your work copies by someone

    I would ask you to file a law suit against them under Indian copyrights act and sir them. it will a lesson to everyone who copies others content. kindly get in touch with some good layers

    aicte is a large organisation sometimes they dont reply eveb

    • Hello, Yes, it is a very bad case of academic misconduct, and it is a shame that there are no punishments for those who plagiarize. If I was in India, I would probably contact a lawyer and sue them. But being in another country, it is not simple to do. Besides, there are some legal fees. So I prefer to avoid this for now. Now, if you want to help, please share this story everywhere (twitter, linkedin etc.) so that everybody will know about what is happening in that Ilahia College of Engineering. This will put some pressure on them to do something. At some points, when people will search on Google, they will find that page in the top results.

  6. I am not really surprised at the plagiarism reported because it is rampant in India and there are large number of worthless Journals in the country ready to publish any junk. For the publisher it is pure business and he is not concerned about the quality of the product.

  7. Hello,

    As an Indian, I apologize for the incident.

    Please do not wait any longer for reply from these people. They will not heed to your work.

    In addition to sending email, please send email to the university ( WITH a copy to AICTE and Higher Education Department under Ministry of Human Resources and Development (MHRD) through (

    Ask them to take action against such people. Such papers are counted towards fulfillment of PhD and other post graduate work. Your strong actions will only enhance the quality.

    Email me if you need any assistance. If you send email to the university and ministry, and get no reply within 30 days, I can help you track the complaint and ensure action on your complaints.

    Thank you

  8. I am graduated from Ilahia College. We are forwarding your blog link to all ilahia students and aluminis.Hope for the best.

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  10. sorry to hear that. i strongly recommend you to take this matter to the higher authority and save the remaining students from the brutal things. And best of luck mwona. i am ilahian boii

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