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Introduction to clustering: the K-Means algorithm (with Java code)

In this blog post, I will introduce the popular data mining task of clustering (also called cluster analysis).  I will explain what is the goal of clustering, and then introduce the popular K-Means algorithm with an example. Moreover, I will briefly explain how an open-source Java implementation of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

To all those reading this blog and/or using the SPMF library, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy new year! Related posts:How to measure the memory usage of data mining algorithms in Java? New version of SPMF Java open-source data … Continue reading

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Introduction to time series mining with SPMF

This blog post briefly explain how time series data mining can be performed with the Java open-source data mining library SPMF (v.2.06).  It first explain what is a time series and then discuss how data mining can be performed on time series. What is … Continue reading

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Plagiarism at Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology by Nasreen Ali A and Arunkumar M

I have found that two professors from the Ilahia College of Engineering and Technology  named Nasreen Ali A ( )  and Arunkumar M have plagiarized one of my paper. The plagiarized paper is the following: asreen Ali A.1 , Arunkumar M. Mining … Continue reading

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Postdoctoral positions in data mining in Shenzhen, China (apply now)

The CIID research center of the Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen campus, China) is looking to hire two postdoctoral researchers to carry research on data mining / big data. The applicant must have: a Ph.D. in computer Science, a strong research background in data mining/big … Continue reading

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The KDDCup 2015 dataset

The KDD cup 2015 dataset is about MOOC dropout prediction. I have  had recently found that the dataset had been offline on the official website. Thus, I have uploaded a copy of the KDD cup 2015 dataset on my website. You can download … Continue reading

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What not to do when applying for a M.Sc. or Ph.D position?

This brief blog discusses what not to do when applying for a M.Sc. or Ph.D. position in a research lab. The aim of this post is to give advices to those applying for such positions. I had previously discussed about this … Continue reading

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Discovering hidden patterns in texts using SPMF

This tutorial will explain how to analyze text documents to discover complex and hidden relationships between words.  We will illustrate this with a Sherlock Holmes novel. Moreover we will explain how hidden patterns in text can be used to recognize the author of a … Continue reading

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Why I left Canada to work as a University Professor in China

One year and a half ago, I was working as a professor at a university in Canada. But I took the decision to not renew my contract and move to China. At that time, some people may have thought that I was crazy to leave my job … Continue reading

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Brief report about the Dexa 2016 and Dawak 2016 conferences

This week, I have been attending the DEXA 2016 and DA‎WAK 2016 conferences, in Porto, Portugal, from the 4th to 8th September 2016, to present three papers. In this blog post, I will give a brief report about these conferences. About these … Continue reading

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